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ajt12286-sm-0001-Supp_Appendix.pdf30KSupplementary Appendix 1: Detailed IFNγ ELISPOT SOP
ajt12286-sm-0001-Supp_Tab.pdf7KTable S1: HLA Profiling of expanded non-transformed B cell panel
ajt12286-sm-0001-Supp_Fig.pdf998KFigure S1: Comparison of IFNγ ELISPOT and flow cytometry cytokine secretion assays. Representative results of side by side IFNγ FCCS assays (top) and IFNγ ELISPOT assays (bottom) using syngeneic responder stimulator pair (left) and allogeneic responder stimulator pair (right). Comparison of ELISPOT and FCCS assay results for 103 responder stimulator pairs with correlation coefficient shown in the lower right. C. Frequency distribution of FCCS assays (site 3) shows similar distribution to that found in ELISPOT assays (Figure 5, right panel).

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