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Figure S1: Steroid dose at posttransplant year 5 according to steroid dose at year 1 and the proportion of patients in whom steroids were withdrawn during posttransplant years 2–5.


Figure S2: Death with a functioning graft during years 2–5 in recipients who were steroid-free at year 1 posttransplant according to whether they initially after transplantation were placed on steroids or not.


Figure S3: Death with a functioning graft during years 2–5 in recipients with original disease (A) diabetic nephropathy, (B) hypertensive nephropathy or (C) polycystic kidney disease according to steroid dose (mg/kg/day) at year 1 posttransplant.


Table S1: Significant confounders (excluding dosage of steroids or other immunosuppressants) included in the Cox regression analysis of cumulative incidence of death with a functioning graft due to cardiovascular disease or infection during posttransplant years 2–5 (n = 41 953).

Table S2: Results of Cox regression for death with functioning graft during posttransplant years 2 to 5 according to 1-year steroid dose.

Table S3: De novo occurrence during posttransplant years 2–5. Patients with serum creatinine <130 µmol/L at year 1 and no rejection treatment during year 1.

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