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ajt12417-sup-0001-SuppData-S1.docx108KSupporting Information.
ajt12417-sup-0001-SuppFig-S1.pdf478KFigure S1: Fc-modified anti-CD154 dAb is deficient in Fc receptor binding. (A and B) Binding of antibodies to immobilized Fc receptors was measured by surface plasmon resonance. Antibodies were injected through flow cells containing the indicated immobilized murine Fc receptors. A 97 kDa positive control protein fused to a wild-type mIgG2A Fc domain demonstrates efficient binding to his-tagged mCD64, mCD32b, mCD16, and mCD16-2, captured on an anti-his Fab surface (A), whereas no Fc receptor binding is observed for the Fc-modified anti-CD154 dAb (B).

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