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Figure S1: NGS reveals numerous clones with identical Vβ and Jβ genes, and CDR3 length but different amino acid sequences. CMV-specific (A) and CD3+ T cells (B and C) obtained from healthy individuals were sequenced using NGS-based approach. Clones with equal Vβ- and Jβ genes, and CDR3 length were analyzed. NGS delivers detailed information necessary for the correct clone discrimination. n = Absolute sequence counts.

Table S1: NGS allows analysis of extremely rare clonotypes.

Table S2: Clonotype kinetics of CMV/pp65-specific T cells.

Table S3: Sequences of primers used for amplification of the recombined TCRβ locus.

Table S4: Overview of clinical samples subjected to differential diagnosis of renal posttransplant dysfunction by means of NGS-based approach.

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