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Figure S1. LL-37 mediates LTB4 release from eosinophils (n = 4).

Figure S2. A FPR-2 receptor agonist peptide WKYMVm (Wp), similarly as LL-37, induced cys-LT release from eosinophils (n = 3).

Figure S3. Densitometry analysis of LL-37-induced p-cPLA2 (A) and cPLA2 (B) expression normalized to GAPDH (n = 3).

Figure S4. Densitometry analysis of LL-37-stimulated p-ERK1 and p-ERK2 expression normalized to ERK1 and ERK2 (n = 4).

Figure S5. Densitometry analysis of the effect of PD-98059 on p-cPLA2 expression normalized to cPLA2 (n = 4).

Figure S6. LL-37 induces ECP release from eosinophils (n = 4).

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