• asthma;
  • epidemiology;
  • prevention;
  • social determinants


Social determinants of asthma in adults and the very old have received little attention. Hence, it was aimed to examine social determinants of asthma in adults and the very old in a national population-based setting. Data were analyzed in the UK Longitudinal Household Survey, 2009–2010. Information on demographics, living and work conditions, self-reported ever asthma and age of onset was obtained by household interview. Regional difference was also examined. Analysis involved t-test and logistic regression modeling. Of 50 994 people included in the cohort, 6269 (12.3%) had ever asthma. In 2977 people, it occurred in the adulthood (16+ years) and only 91 people had their first asthma (incident asthma) at the age when they were interviewed. Education was borderline associated with asthma in the very old. In the young and middle-aged adults, however, birth place had a significant impact. Additionally, there was no regional difference in asthma prevalence across the entire UK.