Genetic Research a “Galileo Event” for Mormons


  • Thomas W Murphy,

    1. Edmonds Community C
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    • Thomas W Murphy (, MA U of Washington, is chair of the anthropology department at Edmonds Community C in Washington. His doctoral dissertation, in progress, critically examines the role of folk biology in Mormon representations of Native Americans. His article “Lamanite Genesis, Genealogy, and Genetics” appeared in American Apocrypha, edited by Dan Vogel and Brent lee Metcalfe (2002), pp 47–77.

  • Simon G Southerton

    1. CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products
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    • Simon G Southerton (, PhD U of Sydney, is a senior research scientist with CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products, a specialist division of the Australian Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation. His essay “DNA Genealogies of American Indians and the Book of Mormon” appears at http:www.exmormon.orgwhylft125.htm. The data presented here come from his address “DNA Genealogies of Native Americans and Polynesians,” presented at the Oct 2002 Ex-Mormon General Conference in Salt Lake City.

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