Closed-loop double-vasopressor automated system to treat hypotension during spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section: a preliminary study


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Hypotension occurs in most caesarean sections under spinal anaesthesia, necessitating vasopressor administration. However, the optimal dosing regimen remains unclear. We have developed a novel vasopressor delivery system that automatically administers phenylephrine or ephedrine based on continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitoring. This prospective cohort study recruited 55 healthy women under standardised spinal anaesthesia with 2.2 ml hyperbaric bupivacaine 0.5%, 15 μg fentanyl and 100 μg morphine. A 50-μg phenylephrine bolus was given at 1-min intervals when systolic blood pressure fell below 90% of baseline, and a 4-mg ephedrine bolus was given when hypotension developed with bradycardia (heart rate <60 beats.min−1). Systolic blood pressure was within 20% of baseline in 88% of all measurements. Six patients (11%) had one or more measurements above 120% of baseline (1% of all measurements), whereas 36 (65%) had at least one reading below 80% of baseline (11% of total measurements). The system maintained systolic blood pressure at a mean (SD) of −9.1 (7.0)% below baseline, with 5.4 (2.5)% fluctuation. Two patients (4%) experienced pre-delivery nausea. All 5-min Apgar scores were 9.