Tracheal intubation with a camera embedded in the tube tip (Vivasight)


Correspondence to: J. M. Huitink



We studied tracheal intubation in manikins and patients with a camera embedded in the tip of the tracheal tube (Vivasight). Four people in two teams and two individuals attempted intubation of a manikin through an i-gel 10 times each. The tracheas of 12 patients with a Mallampati grade of 1 were intubated with a Vivasight tracheal tube through a Berman airway, passed over a Frova introducer. All 60 manikin intubations were successful, taking a mean (SD) time of 1.4 (0.5) s. The fastest intubation was performed in 0.5 s. All 12 participants’ tracheas were successfully intubated in a median (IQR [range]) time of 90 (70–120 [50–210]) s. Seven participants complained of a sore throat, comparable with earlier findings for standard laryngoscopy and intubation: five mild; one moderate; and one severe. Tracheal intubation with the Vivasight through the i-gel or Berman airway is an alternative to existing techniques, against which it should be compared in randomised controlled trials in human participants. It has potential as a fast airway rescue technique.