The text in the right hand column, 3rd page of this paper [1] should read as follows:

We also assessed for the occurrence of post-reperfusion syndrome, which was defined as a >30% decrease in mean arterial pressure lasting longer than 1 min and occurring within 5 min of graft reperfusion.

Figure 2 was incorrectly reproduced and is printed here in its correct form:


Figure 2. Comparison of mean haemodynamic variables (a), acid–base balance (b), and global tissue oxygenation (c) between 76 patients who received either phenylephrine (■) or dopamine/dobutamine infusion (●) during living donor liver transplantation. Error bars represent the standard deviation. *p < 0.05 between the two groups at the time point, †p < 0.05 between the two groups over time, and ‡p < 0.05 interaction of the two groups by time. Time = zero, immediately after induction of anaesthesia and before infusion of study drugs. Pre-anhepatic, 1 and 2 h after commencement of infusion of study drugs. Anhepatic, 1 h after clamping portal vein. Pre-reperfusion, 10 min before reperfusion of the graft liver. Neohepatic, 1 and 2 h after reperfusion of the donor liver.

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