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Incidence of the urological tumours in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis




The goal of this study was to evaluate the incidence of urological malignancies in MS patients using active screening.

Material and Methods

A total of 495 MS patients (141 men, 354 women, age of 42 ± 13.4) were included in the study. The duration of disease was 12.3 ± 11 years, and the EDSS score was 4.3 (±2.5). Patients, regardless of specific urological symptoms, were referred for urological evaluation. The outcomes of these evaluations were compared with data from the 2009 National Oncology Register of the Czech Republic.


The standardized incidence ratio (SIR) for the whole MS study population was 38.8 (95% CI 12.6–90.6). This incidence of urological malignancies in the MS study population was higher (statistically significant) than that of the general population. The SIR for females was 66.0 (95% CI 18.0–169.1) in the MS study population, representing a statistically significant increase over that of the general female population. The increase in incidence of urological malignancies in men with MS did not reach statistical significance over that of the general male population (SIR 14.7, 95% CI 0.4–81.7).


The incidence of urological cancer in MS patients as determined by active screening is significantly higher than that found in general population.