• electrocardiogram;
  • precordial ECG leads;
  • limb leads;
  • Wilson's central terminal;
  • Goldberger's central terminal;
  • unipolar ECG leads;
  • bipolar ECG leads;
  • Einthoven's limb leads;
  • augmented limb leads;
  • multilead body surface potential maps;
  • new ECG lead configurations;
  • intracardiac electrograms

The author argues that the universally employed 12-lead standard electrocardiogram (ECG) which consists of a conglomerate of 3 bipolar limb leads, 6 quasi-unipolar precordial leads acquired via the Wilson's central terminal (WCT), and 3 augmented limb leads recorded via the Goldberger's changing assembly of limb connections, different for each of the augmented leads, is scientifically unsuitable and can be replaced by a 9-lead ECG format comprising the 6 precordial V1-V6 leads and leads VR, VL, and VF, all recorded via the WCT. The reasons and the advantages of such as switch are being discussed.