Reoperation and patient satisfaction after the Mobility total ankle arthroplasty


  • J. C. Summers MBBS; H. S. Bedi MBBS, MPH, FRACS.


Dr Johanne Carly Summers, 2 Holmwood Avenue, Brighton, Vic. 3186, Australia. Email:



The purpose of the present study was to report on the frequency of reoperation, failure and patient satisfaction after the Mobility total ankle arthroplasty.


Sixty-two consecutive primary total ankle arthroplasties in 60 patients were performed with the use of the DePuy Mobility total ankle system between February 2006 and January 2009. Fifty-eight ankles in 56 patients were followed up between 14 and 49 months (mean: 32 months).


Eighteen ankles (31%) underwent an initial reoperation at a mean time of 14 months after primary total ankle arthroplasty. Only three ankles (17%) had improved symptoms after initial reoperation. Eight of these 18 ankles (44%) underwent a second reoperation. A total of seven ankles (12%) had been revised. Overall, 67% were satisfied, and 79% stated that they would undergo the same operation again.


This study on a third-generation total ankle arthroplasty reported a relatively high rate of reoperation. There was a significant increase in the reported failure when using re-operation rather than component revision as the end point. This may be one of the inherent limitations in Joint Registry data that only include component revision.