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Table S1. Feed ingredients (g kg−1) in the diets used in the full scale production trial with Atlantic salmon.

Table S2. The proximate composition of pooled feed samples (g kg−1 on dry matter basis, DM); both in experimental and special diets.

Table S3. Fatty acid profiles (% of lipid) of the experimental diets fed from June and towards harvest in Nov 2008.

Table S4. (a) The total lipid fatty acid profile of pooled fillet samples (% of fat; n = 5 fillets per pooled sample) from the 2nd intermediate sampling (April 21st 2008); (b) The total lipid fatty acid profile (% of fat) for pooled samples of NQC (n = 3 NQC per pooled sample) from the 3rd intermediate sampling (June 24–25th 2008).

Table S5. (a) Total lipid, fatty acid and astaxanthin concentrations analysed on NQC muscle samples from the third intermediate sampling (June 24–25th 2008) by NIR analysis (n = 3 fish per cage). (b) Quality analyses (individual somatic data and compositional data) of Atlantic salmon from the final sampling (November 13th 2008), with analyses and measurements of fish, NQC samples and part A fillets.

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