The papers listed below have been accepted for publication in future issues of Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics.

Withers, C.S. & Nadarajah, S: Confidence intervals for linear combinations of Poisson means.

Qin, Y., Lei, Q. & Luo, L: Empirical likelihood for nonparametric models under linear process errors.

Mercatanti, A: A likelihood-based analysis for relaxing the exclusion restriction in randomized experiments with noncompliance.

Cai, Y: A quantile survival model for censored data.

Anacleto, O., Queen, C. & Albers, C: Forecasting multivariate road traffic flows using Bayesian dynamic graphical models, splines and other traffic variables.

Ma, X. & Xiang, L: Testing for the presence of a cure fraction in clustered interval-censored survival data.

Khan, M.A.R. & Poskitt, D.S: A note on window length selection in singular spectrum analysis.

Kim, T.Y., Ha, J., Hwang, S.Y., Park, C. & Luo, Z.-M: Central limit theorems for reduced U-statistics under dependence and their usefulness.

Abebe, A. & McKean, J: Weighted Wilcoxon Estimators in Nonlinear Regression.