Forthcoming Papers

The papers listed below have been accepted for publication in future issues of Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics.

Aurore Delaigle: Nonparametric kernel methods with errors-in-variables: constructing estimators, computing them, and avoiding common mistakes.

Kark Gerald van den Boogaart, Juan José Egozcue & Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn: Bayes Hilbert spaces.

Romina Gambacorta, Maria Iannario & Richard Valliant: Design-based inference in a mixture model for ordinal variables for a two stage stratied design.

Young Joo Yoon, Taewook Lee & Cheolwoo Park: Bridge estimation for linear regression models with mixing properties.

Alan Welsh and Janice Scealy: Colours and Cocktails: Compositional Data Analysis.

Scott Sisson, Dennis Prangle, M. G. B. Blum & Gordana Popovic: Diagnostic tools for approximate Bayesian computation using the coverage property.

Takaki Iwata: Decomposition of seasonality and long-term trend in seismological data: a Bayesian modelling of earthquake detection capability.

Review of Design and analysis of bridging studies edited by Jen-pei Liu, Shein-Chung Chow and Chin-Fu Hsaio. Reviewer: Scott Patterson.

Review of Latent Markov Models for Longitudinal Data by Francesco Bartolucci, Alessio Farcomeni and Fulvia Pennoni. Reviewer: Geoff Jones.