I apologise with my colleagues that in our paper titled “Serum S100B and neuron-specific enolase levels in normothermic and hypothermic infants after perinatal asphyxia” published in Acta Paediatrica (2012 Mar; 101(3): 319–23), we made an error in the discussion about reference 29. The results described were from the pilot study which preceded the ALLO-trial. The correct reference should be Torrance HL, Benders MJ, Derks JB, Rademaker CM, Bos AF, Van Den Berg P, Longini M, Buonocore G, Venegas M, Baquero H, Visser GH, Van Bel F. Maternal allopurinol during foetal hypoxia lowers cord blood levels of the brain injury marker S-100B. Pediatrics 2009; 124: 350–7.

Dr Aniko Deierl

Locum Consultant in Neonatology

Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust