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Knowledge, attitude and behaviour of boys and parents about circumcision




To determine the knowledge, attitude and behaviour of parents and previously circumcised early adolescent boys about circumcision.


Half of the boys attending the sixth class of the primary school in our city centre and their parents were included in this cross-sectional, descriptive study. Questionnaires were prepared by the authors, which include 38 questions for parents and 25 questions for boys.


Sixty-six per cent of the students were circumcised at the age of 7 years and above, 26% between three and 6 years and 8% below 3 years of age. Forty-two per cent of boys were circumcised by a traditional circumciser and 64% were circumcised at home. Main reasons of circumcision for parents were religious purposes (79%) and health issues (51%). When the boys were asked about their thoughts during circumcision, they mostly stated that ‘it was necessary to become a man’ (58%) and ‘it would hurt much’ (50%). Thirty-eight per cent of boys were frightened during circumcision and 46% were worried. Boys circumcised in the 7 years and above age group were most content about their age of circumcision.


We consider that it is reasonable to wait up to an age at which the child could understand and participate in the decision of the concept and timing of circumcision.