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Corruption in Southeast Asia: a survey of recent research


  • This paper was completed while the second author was visiting the Arndt-Cordon Department of Economics (ACDE), Australian National University. Günther Schulze is very grateful to ACDE for their outstanding hospitality. This research has been supported by the German Ministry of Education and Research under grant number 01UC0906. Helpful comments by Antonio Farfán, Bambang Sjahrir, Emma Masterson, Johann Graf Lambsdorff and Ross McLeod are gratefully acknowledged. The usual disclaimer applies.


This paper surveys the empirical literature on corruption in Southeast Asia with a focus on the methodological approach that the contributions take to identify the extent, determinants, and consequences of corruption and the remedies against it. We present the major topics that empirical corruption research has focused on and point out the methodological challenges that this line of research has to address. We discuss the empirical corruption studies on Southeast Asia and describe the empirical approach that they have taken.