apha12163-sup-0001-FigureS1.pdfapplication/PDF29KFigure S1. Food intake (g) of C dams (white circle) and R dams (Black circle) during gestation and lactation.
apha12163-sup-0002-FigureS2.pdfapplication/PDF236KFigure S2. Score plot of Principal component analysis (PCA) for CC, RC, RR and CR rats for high-saccharose (HS) (S2A) and for high fat (HF) (S2B) diets.
apha12163-sup-0003-TableS1-S3.docxWord document16K

Table S1. Composition of experimental diets (g kg−1 diet).

Table S2. Energy and nutrient composition of experimental diets in the self-food selection.

Table S3. Primer sequences used for analyses of mRNA expression.

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