• Dengue virus;
  • monoclonal antibody;
  • dengue viruse-envelope protein

Dengue viruses (DENVs; serotypes 1–4) are members of the flavivirus family. The envelope protein (E) of DENV has been defined as the principal antigenic target in terms of protection and diagnosis. Antibodies that can reliably detect the E surface glycoprotein are necessary for describing and mapping new DENV epitopes as well as for developing more reliable and inexpensive diagnostic assays. In this study, we describe the production and characterization of a monoclonal antibody (mAb) against a recombinant DENV-2 E protein that recognizes a sequential antigen in both native and recombinant form located in domain II of the E protein of all four DENV serotypes. We confirmed that this mAb, C21, recognizes a sequence located in the fusion peptide. In addition, C21 does not have neutralizing activity against DENV-2 in an in vitro system. Furthermore, the C21 mAb is an ideal candidate for the development of research reagents for studying DENV biology because it cross-reacts with the four dengue serotypes.