• algorithm;
  • bipolar disorder;
  • revision;
  • treatment guideline



The Feasibility Study of the Korean Medication Algorithm Project for Bipolar Disorder 2002 (KMAP-BP 2002) revealed its clinical usefulness in 2005. Since much more data had become available since 2002, it was revised in 2006 as KMAP-BP 2006. For the same reason, revision of KMAP-BP 2006 is now necessary.


The questionnaire, amended on the basis of KMAP-BP 2006 and new data, was sent to 94 experts, 65 of whom replied.


In an acute manic episode, a combination of a mood stabilizer (MS) with an atypical antipsychotic (AAP) is recommended as first-line strategy. Monotherapy with MS is first-line in a hypomanic episode. Triple combination of a MS, an AAP, and an antidepressant (AD), is the first-line strategy in non-psychotic severe depression. Also MS+AAP and MS+AD are recommended as first-line. In psychotic bipolar depression, MS+AAP+AD, MS+AAP and AAP+AD are first-line strategies. In bipolar depression, lithium, lamotrigine and valproic acid are selected as first-line MS and quetiapine, olanzapine and aripiprazole are preferred antipsychotics. In maintenance treatment, a combination of MS with AAP and monotherapy of MS are recommended as first-line.


In treating bipolar disorder, even the first step of treatment, the expert consensus has changed from our studies in 2002 and 2006.