apt12071-sup-0001-AppendixS1.docWord document109KAppendix S1. Excluded studies, main characteristics and corresponding reasons.
apt12071-sup-0002-AppendixS2.docWord document245KAppendix S2. CONSORT assessment of the included studies according to type of randomisation (a) individual, (b) cluster.
apt12071-sup-0003-AppendixS3.docWord document481KAppendix S3. Forrest plots with data of the single studies for each of the comparisons performed in the systematic review. Data on both advanced neoplasia and cancer are provided separately.
apt12071-sup-0004-AppendixS4.docWord document66KAppendix S4. Endoscopy vs. g-FOBT/FIT. To exclude a potential bias due to the duplication of the FS arm of the Hol et al. study,[33] we report the Forrest plot of the included studies comparing the detection rate for advanced neoplasia adjusted for attendance (ITT analysis), when excluding either of the two comparisons included in the study (i.e. FS vs. FIT, FS vs. g-FOBT).
apt12071-sup-0005-AppendixS5.docWord document53KAppendix S5. Relative rates of adherence and detection rate of advanced neoplasia and cancer at ITT for the studies comparing (a) g-FOBT vs. FIT and (b) endoscopy vs. faecal tests.

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