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Table S1. Mean change from baseline in gastrointestinal symptoms as rated by the Gastrointestinal Symptoms Rating Scale (GSRS).

Figure S1. Exploratory binary analysis. Proportions of patients who responded to the gluten challenge, as indicated by an anti-tTG score ≥15 U/mL or an increase of ≥0.3 units in the CeD-GSRS symptom score (or both) at the end of the treatment period in the placebo and active treatment groups.

Figure S2. Psychological General Well-Being Index scores for anxiety (a), depressed mood (b), positive well-being (c), self-control (d), general health (e), and vitality (f) domains and the global score (g).

Figure S3. Changes from baseline (day 7) to the last double-blind treatment period visit in clinician global assessment scores.

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