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Figure S1. Pentoxifylline vs. placebo, 28-day mortality.

Figure S2. Pentoxifylline vs. placebo, incidence of fatal HRS.

Figure S3. Pentoxifylline vs. prednisolone, 28-day survival.

Figure S4. Pentoxifylline vs. combination therapy, 28-day survival.

Figure S5. Pentoxifylline vs. combination therapy, 6-month survival.

Figure S6. Pentoxifylline vs. combination therapy, incidence of HRS.

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Table S1. Quality of trials published as full manuscripts assessed by CONSORT criteria.

Table S2. Quality of trials published as abstracts assessed by CONSORT guidelines.

Table S3. Outcomes: 28-day mortality, 6-month mortality and incidence of HRS (%) (analysed with Fisher's exact test).

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