Data are presented in Shapefile format in WGS1984 UTM 18 South coordinate system. An ESRI Arcmap 10.0 MXD project file is included that references the included Shapefiles, but Arcmap is not required to make use of these data as Shapefile is a widely used format.

  • GPS Tracks: Consists of three Shapefiles including ‘GPS_Raw’ with GPS tracks directly from Contos fieldwork with Garmin GPS, ‘GPS_Corrected’ with geometry suitable for measuring stream lengths with updates based on high-resolution satellite imagery and ‘GPS_Alt_Channels’ that contains alternative stream paths and modifications that are relevant but not directly used in the stream length calculation. Accuracy is approximately 5–10 m, which is comparably high.
  • GoogleEarth: This Shapefile contains the relevant stream lengths traced on the screen based on GoogleEarth imagery and then imported as KML into Arcmap and reprojected into UTM 18 South for the horizontal distance calculation. Accuracy is 1–15 m depending on available imagery and inherent distortions. A comparably high accuracy dataset.
  • DigitalPeru_h2: These vectors are a subset of the level 2 streams layer data included in the DigitalPeru 1.0 GIS product from the Instituto Nacional de Geografía de Perú. The source data are generalised on 1:100 000 printed maps and may be considered medium accuracy.
  • TopoMap: These vectors are traced from scanned paper mapsheets of the 1:100 000 topographic map series from the Instituto Nacional de Geografía de Perú. Medium accuracy.
  • VMAP1_wtr_crs: These segments are derived from the VectorMap1 tile 191 (southern Peru) product from the US National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) based primary on 1:250 000 J.O.G. aviation maps. Medium to low accuracy.
  • HydroSHEDS: These hydrology layers are created from Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) elevation data sampled at a 90-m (3-arc-second) cell resolution for evaluating entire watersheds. Low accuracy.

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