Appendix S1.

Table S1a. Site characteristics.

Table S1b. Detailed distribution of old-field plots.

Table S1c. Detailed distribution of old-field plots after resampling (N=108).

Fig. S1. The locations of study sites in Hungary.

avsc12066-sup-0002-Supplement2.pdfapplication/PDF251KAppendix S2. Spatial analyses for potential autocorrelations based on the spatial coordinates of sites.
avsc12066-sup-0003-Supplement3.pdfapplication/PDF82KAppendix S3. Survey of dominant species in 25 successional old-field series.
avsc12066-sup-0004-Supplement4.pdfapplication/PDF17KAppendix S4. Detailed statistical tests: Mann–Whitney U-test for each species pair.
avsc12066-sup-0005-Supplement5.pdfapplication/PDF12KAppendix S5. Multiple regression model of quadratic diversity and Sørensen similarity (as dependent variables) in relation to different independent variables.

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