avsc12081-sup-0001-DataS1.htmlapplication/HTML12KData S1. Supplementary file.
avsc12081-sup-0002-Appendix1.pdfapplication/PDF7KAppendix S1. URL links to the Spanish questionnaire to validate the species distribution models.
avsc12081-sup-0003-Appendix2.pdfapplication/PDF103KAppendix S2. Observed and modelled distributions of the five test species.
avsc12081-sup-0004-Appendix3.pdfapplication/PDF81KAppendix S3. Consensus-weighted and un-weigthed expert scores and the values of four conventional measurements of model performance through cross-validation (AUC maximum Kappa, commission error and omission error) for Maxent environmental envelope modelling (EEM) outcomes for each of the five test species and nine variable combinations.

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