This article corrects:

  1. Applications of stable isotopes in clinical pharmacology Volume 72, Issue 6, 879–897, Article first published online: 9 November 2011

Schellekens RCA, Stellaard F, Woerdenbag HJ, Frijlink HW, Kosterink JGW. Applications of stable isotopes in clinical pharmacology. Br J Clin Pharmacol 2011; 72: 879897.

In [1], the journal title in reference 28 on page 893 was incorrectly published as J Nutr instead of Brit J Nutr. The corrected reference is published below:

28 De Preter V, Geboes K, Verbrugghe K, De Vuyst L, Vanhoutte T, Huys G, Swings J, Pot B, Verbeke K. The in vivo use of the stable isotope-labelled biomarkers lactose-[15N]ureide and [2H4]tyrosine to assess the effects of pro- and prebiotics on the intestinal flora of healthy human volunteers. Brit J Nutr 2004; 92: 439–46.