Fig. S1. Scatter plot of the mean expression levels between exposed versus controls (top), non-exposed versus control samples (middle), and non-exposed versus controls and exposed combined (bottom). A red dash-dotted line is the correlation fit line.

Table S1. Published microarray studies with corresponding references listed.

Table S2. List of the 2,191 genes with alteredexpression in the non-exposed brains (q-value <0.005).

Table S3. Gene ontology (GO) term-enrichmentanalysis results with Bonferroni p£ 0.05. Shown are the GO terms significantly enriched in the 2,191 genes altered in non-exposed brains.

Table S4. Common significant genes between this current analysis and the 12-study meta-analysis (meta12).

Table S5. Significant common genes between our analysis and findings reported by Chu et al. (2009).

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