This article corrects:

  1. Dissociable patterns of abnormal frontal cortical activation during anticipation of an uncertain reward or loss in bipolar versus major depression Volume 15, Issue 8, 839–854, Article first published online: 21 October 2013

We wish to report the following error. In [1] on page 844, we omitted key plus and minus signs in the Methods section. The section should read as follows: ‘Reward expectancy regressors, coupled to the anticipation period, reflected the expected value (EV) of the arrow, being set to +0.5 for the up arrow condition (given the 50% chance of winning $1) and −0.25 for the down arrow condition (given the 50% chance of losing 50 cents). Prediction error regressors, coupled to the outcome, were determined by the difference between the outcome and the EV, i.e., +0.5 for a win following an up arrow, −0.5 for no win following an up arrow, +0.25 for a no loss following a down arrow, and −0.25 for a loss following a down arrow’.

We apologize for this error, and thank Jay Fournier for bringing it to our attention.