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Appendix S1. MooDS Consortium (BPAD and MDD).

Data S1. Supporting methods. Published findings overlapping with the CNP in TPH2 (derived from the Database of Genomic Variants:

Table S1. List of analyzed genes

Table S2. List of primers.

Figure S1. (A) Schematic of the TPH2 gene. The coding sequence of the standard isoform (NM_173353.3) is represented in yellow; the alternative exons 5a and 5b of AK094614 are depicted as blue arrows. The microdeletion is represented as a red arrow. (B) 5′ (left) and 3′ (right) breakpoints of the deletion are shown as determined by sequencing. Due to sequence homology, the exact breakpoints could not be narrowed down to less than 41 bp and are represented in yellow.

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