Appendix S1. Tests for seasonal changes over time.


Figure S1. Multiple plots representing the mean spectral parameters of gravid females and males during and after the breeding season on the throat (empty circles) and the chest (black triangles). Errors bars are the standard error of the mean.


Table S1. Intra-individual variability in coloration during the breeding season in males and females. The correlation coefficient (r) measures the correlation between measurements taken on the same individual during and after mating, and significant terms are bolded. The significance of the intra-individual change is tested with paired Student's t-tests (t-value and associated P-value) against the null hypothesis. Significant paired t-tests are shown in bold.


Table S2. Matrix of Pearson correlations between spectral parameters on the throat (in the lower left triangle) and on the chest and belly region (in the upper right triangle) in adult common lizards. Stars represent a significant correlations (P < 0.05).

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