Figure S1. Bayesian phylogenetic trees for the six DNA regions: A, control region; B, cyt b; C, COI; D, RAG1; E, S7; F, LdhA6. Support values on nodes of the trees are posterior probabilities above the branch and percentage bootstrap pseudo-replicates below the branch.

Table S1. Locations sampled for the five species of Sander, including latitude (lat) and longitude (long), number of individuals (N), haplotypic diversity (HD), and number of haplotypes (NH) for the mtDNA control region data set. Letters correspond to the locations on Fig. 1 maps. *Coordinates approximated as data were not provided by the original authors.

Table S2. Comparison of Sander sequences from GenBank to those found in this study. NR, not recovered by us.

Table S3. Outgroup taxa used in this study and their GenBank accession numbers. All outgroup taxa were sequenced by us unless otherwise noted.

Table S4. Haplotypes recovered by us from the six gene regions for Sander, with GenBank accession numbers, sampling locations, and number of individuals in parentheses. Letters correspond to locations on Fig. 1.

Table S5. Mean divergences (and highest posterior densities) in millions of years ago of Sander based on the BEAST analysis and fossil record calibration. Dashes indicate nodes that were not recovered for that gene region or taxa with only a single sequence.

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