Correction to the Table of Contents for the September 2012 Issue

Please note that the following articles were incorrectly published as “Biometric Methodology” articles in the September 2012 issue (Volume 68, Issue 3). These articles are “Biometric Practice” articles and should have appeared in that section of the Table of Contents. The publisher apologizes for this error and any confusion it may cause.

Assessing the Impact of a Movement Network on the Spatiotemporal Spread of Infectious Diseases (pages 736–744)

Birgit Schrödle, Leonhard Held and Håvard Rue

Impact of Time to Start Treatment Following Infection with Application to Initiating HAART in HIV-Positive Patients (pages 745–754)

Judith J. Lok and Victor DeGruttola

A Network-based Analysis of the 1861 Hagelloch Measles Data (pages 755–765)

Chris Groendyke, David Welch and David R. Hunter

Rapid Testing of SNPs and Gene–Environment Interactions in Case–Parent Trio Data Based on Exact Analytic Parameter Estimation (pages 766–773)

Holger Schwender, Margaret A. Taub, Terri H. Beaty, Mary L. Marazita and Ingo Ruczinski

Integrating Prior Knowledge in Multiple Testing under Dependence with Applications to Detecting Differential DNA Methylation (pages 774–783)

Pei Fen Kuan and Derek Y. Chiang

Analyzing Multiple-Probe Microarray: Estimation and Application of Gene Expression Indexes (pages 784–792)

Mehdi Maadooliat, Jianhua Z. Huang and Jianhua Hu

Two-Dimensional Informative Array Testing (pages 793–804)

Christopher S. McMahan, Joshua M. Tebbs and Christopher R. Bilder