IBS: Transformation of Our Governance




In my Presidential Address at the 2010 International Biometric Conference in Florianopolis, I outlined the revised governance structure for the International Biometric Society (IBS). That structure was subsequently modified, with the final version being approved by the society membership in June 2012. The membership also approved the merger of the constitution with the bylaws, effectively dissolving the constitution (as it was no longer consistent with practice). From January 1, 2013, responsibility for the governance and leadership of the IBS rests with a 15-member Executive Board which will be supported by a larger Representative Council whose members are selected by and from each of the society's regions. The Representative Council is responsible for overseeing the determination of the Executive Board, providing advice on strategic and policy issues, and contributing to the operation of the IBS. This Council will be an effective conduit between the regions and the Executive Board, aided by the Chair attending all Board meetings.