Correction to “A New Estimator of the Discovery Probability” by Stefano Favaro, Antonio Lijoi, and Igor Prünster; 68, 1188–1196, December 2012


This article corrects:

  1. A New Estimator of the Discovery Probability Volume 68, Issue 4, 1188–1196, Article first published online: 1 October 2012

The present note corrects formula (12) in Theorem 2 and formula (17) in Proposition 3 that contain a slight inaccuracy.

The correct expression of (12) in Theorem 2 is given by

display math(12)


display math

Hence, the correction concerns the first argument of the generalized factorial coefficient math formula which is math formula and not math formula and, consequently, math formula in the last summand of (12) which is math formula instead of math formula.

The inaccuracy originates from the very last displayed formula in the proof of Theorem 2 in the Web Appendix (see page 8) and boils down to a missing summand: indeed, the sum in the formula should run from 1 to math formula instead of math formula. This then leads also to a minor modification of the corresponding formula in the special case of a two–parameter Poisson–Dirichlet process prior: (17) should be

display math(17)

The estimator in (17) was then applied to the EST datasets in Section 3 and it is to be noted that all the displayed numerical results are not altered by the inaccuracy, since the missing term is negligible.

The Matlab code that is available with Favaro et al. (2012) at the Biometrics website on Wiley Online Library has been replaced with the corrected code, which includes the above modification to (17).