Evaluation of mobile assessment in a learning management system


  • Zorica Bogdanović,

  • Dušan Barać,

  • Branislav Jovanić,

  • Snežana Popović,

  • Božidar Radenković

Address for correspondence: Dr Zorica Bogdanović, Assistant Professor, Laboratory for E-business, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, Jove Ilica 154, Belgrade 11000, Serbia. Email: zorica@elab.rs


This article discusses the problem of using and delivering educational content from the Moodle learning management system to mobile devices. The primary goal of this study was to investigate the students' habits, motivations and technical possibilities in order to incorporate mobile-learning activities in the e-learning process. A mobile quiz has been chosen as an activity to be delivered on mobile devices. The developed mobile quiz application was integrated into Moodle. The application interface was tailored to various types of mobile devices aiming to foster mainstreaming of mobile technologies in e-learning. For the purposes of the evaluation, an experiment was conducted within the e-learning system at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, the University of Belgrade. Data were obtained from the students who attended e-learning courses in the area of e-business. Research findings have shown that integration of the mobile quiz application into Moodle improves students' results and increases satisfaction and motivation for using mobile devices in their learning process.