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Fig S1. Enforced BCR-ABL expression is associated with ABCA3 expression, and ABCA3 transcripts arise from viable cells in from bcr-abl positive cell lines exposed to imatinib.

Fig S2. Silencing of SALL4 expression in BCR-ABL positive cell lines.

Fig S3. Silencing of SALL4 increases susceptibility of cell lines to cytotoxicity of tyrosine kinase inhibition.

Fig S4. Treatment with indomethacin reduces ABCA3 and SALL4 transcription.

Fig S5. Treatment with indomethacin sensitizes BCR-ABL positive cell lines to the cytotoxic effects of tyrosine kinase inhibition with imatinib, dasatinib and nilotinib.

Fig S6. Treatment with interferon gamma does not interfere with the cytotoxic effects of tyrosine kinase inhibition in BCR-ABL positive cell lines to.

Fig S7. Expression of ABCA3 in non-transformed hematopoietic cells, naive and under exposure to imatinib.

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