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Data S1. Methods.

Fig S1. Real-time analysis of iron metabolism-related gene expression in the liver of wild-type and Mbd5−/− mice.

Fig S2. Mbd5 expression in the intestine, liver and spleen of Mbd5flox/flox (n = 6, female) and Mbd5villin/villin (n = 7, female).

Fig S3. Liver iron content in Mbd5villin/villin and Mbd5alb/alb mice at 8 weeks of age.

Fig S4. Liver and spleen iron content in Mbd5villin/villin and Mbd5alb/alb mice at 4 months of age.

Fig S5. Body weight of Mbd5flox/flox and Mbd5villin/villin mice during development.

Fig S6. Liver iron content in Mbd5flox/flox (n = 4, two females and two males) and Mbd5nestin/nestin (n = 3, two females and one male) mice at the age of 8 d post birth.

Fig S7. Western blot analysis of the truncated proteins (Mbd5-FL, Mbd5-N and Mbd5-C) which are tranfected in HEK293 cells.

Table SI. Real-time PCR primers.

Table SII. Analysis of DNA motifs in the Fth1 promoter.

Table SIII. CHIP primers for Fth1 promoter H4 acetylation.

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