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Fig S1. Purity of hairy cells in patients' samples.

Fig S2. Ibrutinib reduces phosphorylated BTK expression upon BCR stimulation in HCL cells.

Fig S3. BCR induced cell survival signaling in HCL cells is decreased after treatment with low concentrations of ibrutinib.

Fig S4. Ibrutinib down-regulates BCR signaling in primary HCL cells.

Fig S5. Ibrutinib reduces phosphor protein expression and CCL3 and CCL4 levels upon BCR stimulation in BRAF V600E and BRAF WT HCL cells.

Fig S6. Low concentrations of Ibrutinib inhibit the secretion of the chemokines CCL3 and CCL4 in HCL cells.

Fig S7. CXCR4 signaling is down-regulated by ibrutinib.

Table SI. Percentage of cells CD19+, CD103+ and CD11c+ and viability in HCL patient's samples.

Table SII. Patients prior treatment.

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