It is with great pleasure that I take over as the new BJUI USANZ Associate Editorship from David Nicol. I would like to pay an enormous tribute to David who did a tremendous job of negotiating the birth and structure of the USANZ BJUI Supplement which has been successful in showcasing significant talent in our region. It was always a dream of David's to have such a forum and he has been able to achieve a high standard and consistent publication. The BJUI has meant a lot to me personally over the years as it was the home of my early urology publications which culminated in my good fortune at being awarded the BJUI John Blandy Prize in 2006. My zest for the journal has not altered and clearly a challenge lies ahead. The continued support of the supplement comes at an exciting time for the BJUI with a dynamic new Editor in Prokar Dasgupta with his associated editorial team. We all recognise the commitment that John Fitzpatrick, the former BJUI editor, had to our region and we know this relationship will continue to grow and evolve in coming years. The use of multimedia, social media, blogs and other electronic communications will allow the BJUI to expand its already well recognised footprint in urology and related specialties.

I am very fortunate to be taking over the reins when the supplement is healthy and on the verge of achieving great strides in recognising and promoting USANZ urology. The success of USANZ and the journal are interlinked and both will progress and be successful as long as this relationship remains strong. Yet to be successful we need submissions- I challenge anyone presenting at a local or international level to format the data as a manuscript to us for wider dissemination. If you have ideas in the planning stage please contact me to get further ideas to assist your publications.

I would like all of the readers and members of USANZ to join me, other editors and the Editorial Board at BJUI on a journey to make the supplement one we are proud to call our own. I remain open to any suggestions that will assist in taking the supplement forward and look forward to a bright and engaging future.

Conflicts of Interest

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