Fig. S1. Biological network graphs for genes with SNPs that modified bladder cancer recurrence or survival. We searched for biological relationships between the genes containing SNPs of interest and other molecules reported in the literature using Pathway Studio 8.0 software with the ResNet 8.0 mammal database (Ariadne Genomics). Genes searched were: (a) ALDH2, (b) IGF1, (c) XRCC4, (d) RB1CC1, (e) APC, TNKS. Genes and molecules are depicted as shapes. Arrows represent relationships between molecules based on experimental data in the literature. Lavender, expression regulation; dark green, promoter binding; gold, protein modification; purple, binding; grey dotted, regulation; grey solid, molecular transport; orange, microRNA effect.


Table S1 Full list of genotyped SNPs organised by functional group.

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