Appendix S1. C values of the analysed samples (first sheet), and the results of the analyses of variance (ANOVAs) (other sheets).


Appendix S2. List of selected polyploid series with more than six different cytotypes (including Cerastium subsection Cerastium and 76 angiosperm series) – from the supplemented database of Bennett & Leitch (2010) (left table). Correlations between the 1Cx values and the ploidy (r) are calculated for each polyploid series (including P values) (right table). Variation quotients (QVs) of genome size are conducted in specific ploidy levels (195 ploidy groups in the right table) and compared with the corresponding values of the Cerastium groups – plotted on a histogram and box plot (Fig. 3).


Appendix S3. C values of the analysed samples (first sheet), mean 1Cx values based on our samples and literature data, as plotted in Figure 4A (second sheet), and scatter plot of the first two correspondent functions with the states of coded mean 1Cx values and chromosome numbers, as plotted in Figure 4B (third sheet).

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