Fig. S1. Particle size distributions for each undisturbed sedimentary layer excavated from Kelly Hill Cave and surface sediments from Kelly Hill and Grassdale, Kangaroo Island.

Fig. S2. Composite image of the stratigraphy of each face of the Kelly Hill Cave excavation upon which Fig. 2 was based (scale in the NW face is 0.8 m and is 1.0 m in all other faces; each face is 2 m wide).

Table S1. Summary of bone sample quality of all bones analysed from the Kelly Hill Cave excavation by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.

Table S2. Radiocarbon results and age estimates of bones dated from the K1 Cave excavation. OZ = ANSTO lab code; NZA = Rafter Radiocarbon lab code; Beta = Beta Analytic lab code; D = disturbed sediment.

Table S3. U and Th results and age estimates of speleothems from the K1 Cave excavation and nearby chamber in Kelly Hill Caves. UMD = University of Melbourne lab code; KH SC = ANU lab code.

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