bre12031-sup-0001-FigS1.tifimage/tif8207KFigure S1: (a1) line drawing of seismic line FI-316 showing the Castelfiorentino High that controlled the development of two depocentres in the ESB in the Late Miocene. See Fig. 3 for the location of the seismic lines.UM1 and UM2, upper Miocene continental deposits; (a2) seismic line crossing the Siena-Arbia sub-basins (location in Fig. 6) and (a3) stratigraphic interpretation (after Antolini, 2007): TM, Tortonian-Messinian deposits; M, Messinian deposits; P1, Zanclean deposits; P2, Piacenzian-Gelasian deposits.

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