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TABLE S1. Woody plant species recorded from 143 quadrats across 47 Callitris patches occurring throughout the Kimberley region.

TABLE S2. Woody plant species occurring in Callitris patches and in adjacent Eucalyptus-dominated savanna in the Ning Bing ranges.

TABLE S3. Abundance of ant species collected in pitfall traps in Callitris patches and Eucalyptus savanna sites in the Ning Bing Ranges.

TABLE S4. Ant species collected inside and outside Callitris patches in the Gunlom and Jim Jim Falls regions of Kakadu National Park.

FIGURE S1. Location of the Ning Bing, Jim Jim and Gunlom study regions in northwestern Australia.

FIGURE S2. Adjacent Callitris and Eucalyptus savanna sites in the Ning Bing Ranges, and site J2 in Kakadu National Park.

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