Within the last decade, the role of the Creative Industries has grown to become an important part of the economic system. The increasing acceleration of new developments in media and ICT technologies greatly affected the Creative Industries' dynamic with a direct impact on the people working in this sector. Since only a few studies focus on competences needs, more or less isolated from the trends within the industry, we address the topic of individual competence shifts in the turbulent environment of the Creative Industries. We investigated the trends regarding competence shifts and their implications as well as the competences which are essential for creative professionals. We conducted a broad literature review as well as a qualitative study, which includes interviews and workshops with industry experts on trends within the Creative Industries and corresponding dimensions and demands for competences. We present four requirements that call for shifts in the education of competences. Based on the discussion of requirements, we present a competence portfolio for the Creative Industries along the dimensions of professional, methodological and personal-social competences. The portfolio clearly indicates which competences should be taken into consideration for the development of curricula and study programmes in the education of creative professionals. A generalization of these findings suggests new challenges for companies relying on creative professionals.