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Factors Supporting Knowledge Integration in Global Innovation Projects: An Exploratory Study


  • David Baxter,

  • Keith Goffin,

  • Marek Szwejczewski


This exploratory study identifies the factors which contribute to effective knowledge integration in global innovation projects through an in-depth analysis of two case studies. Knowledge integration is analysed in two components: knowledge (individual expertise), and integration (working together). Our analysis highlights three distinct ways that individuals think about individual expertise: individual knowledge and competence; feeling valued; and unfamiliar areas. We also identify four ways in which individuals think about working together: good social relations; cultural distance; negotiation skills; and better results through working with others. Using examples from the case studies, we discuss how these factors enable knowledge integration in globally distributed innovation projects. We also propose a model indicating how these factors impact on knowledge integration and innovation performance. This study contributes towards management guidance, which is currently lacking in the area of knowledge integration.

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