Fig. S1. The expression level of CysLT1 is upregulated by EGF stimulation in A431 cells.

Fig. S2. CysLT1 antagonist MK-571 and montelukast suppress the migration of A431 cells.

Fig. S3. CysLT1 signaling regulates expression levels of Tiam1 protein in TT cells and EC109 cells.

Fig. S4. BU-4664L and AA-861 suppress the mRNA level of Tiam1 in A431 cells.

Fig. S5. The treatment of LTB4 or LTC4 cannot induce cell migration in A431 cells.

Fig. S6. The inhibitory effect of AA-861 on cell migration of A431 cells is canceled by the addition of LTD4.

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Data S1. Methods.

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